“I am obsessed with painting. I don’t listen to music or podcasts when I paint; I just lose myself in the moment. Painting, for me, is total freedom”.

Wendy Freestone

Wendy Freestone is an interdisciplinary artist who divides her time between London and South Northants. Embarking on her second career, Wendy graduated with First Class Honours in Fine Art in 2005. During the pandemic, she expanded her practice by enrolling in *The Bigger Picture* with David Mach RA at the Essential School of Painting, followed by the Advanced Painting course, culminating in her graduation from the Artist Development Programme in 2024.

Her work has been included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London three times and has been shortlisted twice. In 2018, she was awarded the Royal Artist Prize for her sculptural work, which has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Currently, she is engaged in a sculptural EDI project with Oxford University.

Wendy is interested in the unglamorous and ephemeral moments of the everyday.  Using a limited palette in oils she paints people close to her:  generally female family and friends, trying not to sentimentalise but just honest truths of womanhood.

More women are painting in the mainstream now. Some are interested in capturing and revealing elements of the unique relationship and experiences of motherhood and friendship from a female perspective. In this respect Wendy’s work represents a less explored frontier of painting, expressing some possibly untold stories in paint, such as an intimate moment between Mother and pregnant daughter, marvelling at the first sensations of movement in her belly.

Embracing necessity as a must, Wendy has recently innovatively adapted to painting while seated after suffering fractures in her feet. She mastered the art of painting on a large scale by using a pole with a brush attachment, enriching her practice with minimal mark-making – she continues to paint in this format.